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Sports and Athletes Chiropractic at Goodman Healthcare

Woman rock climbingDr. Goodman and Dr. Willis, are well-versed in athletic performance and sports medicine.

Upping Your Performance

Our team at Goodman Healthcare are experts in assessing your body’s posture and movement. With our protocols, we can address your shoulder and knee problems, which can be notoriously difficult to resolve. We’ll address ligaments, muscles and joints to make sure they’re in the proper position.

We look after many marathon runners or triathletes who want to shave seconds or even minutes off their time. Football, cheerleading, gymnastics, golf, and sports that involve repetitive movements can benefit from what we do.

You might be surprised to hear it, but we don’t chase your symptoms. Your pain can be an important clue in uncovering the cause of your problems but it is not what we want to address. Instead, we look for neurological indicators and functional patterns to locate areas that need to be corrected.

Athletes’ bodies are excellent at adapting and covering up a weakness. With our adjustments, there is no “cheating” allowed. Our evidence-based methods ensure that we determine the source of your issue, and ideally even before YOU experience the problem.

Many of our athletic patients come to see us because they’ve heard about our hip flexor adjustments. This technique can increase your hip flexor strength up to four times almost immediately. It will last for five days to two weeks. You’ll be able to tell instantly how much stronger your hip flexors are. Marathon runners love it!

Former Athletes Welcome

If you used to be an athlete but your life has changed, you might still experience an injury. You could tweak your back playing ultimate frisbee with your kids, for example. You know what it’s like to have your body in top shape, and you know right away that something is wrong. We’ll get your body adapting so that you can live your best life no matter what your current fitness level is. Contact us today!


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