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About Goodman Healthcare

The Goodman Healthcare TeamStarting in 1993 as a family-run, grassroots practice, Goodman Healthcare has grown into an established, well-known facility, where we still offer hometown, personal care. Our office may be located in a rural area, but we offer a big-city feel and treatment.

We’re firmly rooted in Thatcher by family and community. We want to successfully treat everyone who comes to our office. When pain flares up, it’s a sign something is likely affecting your nervous system.

Families are likely to be more energetic and connected with a healthy nervous system. Dad has a good day at work, doesn’t have a headache, comes home with energy leftover for his family and Mom’s day is productive, back’s not hurting and able to keep up with the kids. Watching families grow healthier together is our goal.

When we can start the process at birth, your whole life is better connected and communicating on an optimal level. Nervous system upkeep is the key.

Our Mission

Our team mission is to be a “Beacon of light where people seek healing”. Pain isolates people; when we get rid of your pain, you first make a connection with our family here at Goodman Healthcare. Pain-free and with more energy, you are ready to connect with those in your community as well.

A Hands-on Approach

With three doctors on premises, there’s an adjustment type for everyone. We do joint analyses on every patient for the most accurate diagnosis and treatment protocols. Our collaborative environment assures each patient gets the highest quality care regardless of which doctor they see.

Results You Can See

People often come up to Dr. Goodman when he is out and about in the community. He hears lots of stories about treatments he did many years ago and how it changed the person’s life. “Helped me tremendously”; “Didn’t have to have the surgery”; “Kept me from having to take a bunch of drugs”, and the like.

It’s really gratifying to know we have helped people and given them back their potential. The biggest compliment our patients can give us is when they refer others to our practice. We get a lot of word-of-mouth referrals which is awesome.

Questions? We Have Answers!

We’d love to hear from you! Making sure our patients are informed and comfortable with the treatment options available to them is important. Contact us now at (928) 348-8997 to speak with someone in our office.


About Goodman Healthcare | (928) 348-8997