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Meet Dr. Robyn Purdum

Dr. Robyn Purdum grew up in Ponca City, Oklahoma. Robyn’s first chiropractic experience was as an infant, she weighed twelve pounds at birth and she was a forceps delivery. This especially traumatic birth created subluxations in her infant lumbar spine. Fortunately for Robyn, her Dad was a chiropractor, and he started adjusting her.

Growing up with a chiropractor as her Dad, Robyn knew the healing power of the chiropractic adjustment. When she or her siblings felt ill, or felt anything, they knew to ask for an adjustment. “We didn’t take pills for pains or ailments, but rather, we would get adjusted and we got better. Growing up getting adjusted kept us healthy, we didn’t get allergies, and colds like all the other kids did.”

Once she got an ear infection as a kid, it was very painful, but then her Dad adjusted her and she was better the next day! If she fell down she got adjusted, if she got a cough, a cold, or any ailment she got adjusted. To this day, Dr. Purdum is still adamant about the importance of maintaining her own spinal health.

Education and Professional Development

Dr. Purdum earned her bachelor of science degree from Northwestern Oklahoma State University in Alva, Oklahoma, where she majored in biology and chemistry. She then went on to follow in the footsteps of her father to become a chiropractor and she graduated from Parker University of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas in September of 1996.


A Champion of Natural Healing

Dr. Purdum is passionate about chiropractic and natural healing. She enjoys studying plant medicines, herbology, and natural ways of healing. She even developed a tea to fight lung pathogens which proved to be very beneficial especially during the recent pandemic. She enjoys any outdoor activity, and she also enjoys quilting.

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Dr. Purdum is available in both our Thatcher and Clifton offices. Her days and hours are split. Contact us today to schedule with Dr. Purdum.


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