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Meet the Team at Goodman Healthcare

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Maira Varela, Licensed Massage Therapist

Maira is a licensed massage therapist, having completed the 750-hour program in December 2020. She grew up observing her grandmother, who was a self-taught massage therapist who was intuitive in her approach. Maira was inspired to help people in the same way, she has combined her holistic background with massage training to offer patients outstanding care.

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Sarah Peterson, Licensed Massage Therapist

Sarah discovered the healing properties of massage about 15 years ago, when therapeutic massage helped her overcome her anxiety. It had such an impact on her quality of life that she decided to pursue it as a career herself, graduating in 2011.

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Aaron Potts, Pratient Educator

As one of the first points of contact for our new patients, Aaron enjoys greeting them and welcoming them into the practice. He then gives them a tour of the office and introduces them to what we do here and our various services.

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