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Meet Aaron Potts

Rehab Specialist

Aaron plays a key role in helping patients reach their full potential with their physical health through his hands-on approach to therapy. Aaron guides and instructs patients in exercises that help patients get out of pain as well as increasing their strength and mobility. He also assists patients in getting them set up on the other therapy interventions we provide. You’ll often find Aaron doing the therapies himself. That’s how much he believes and trusts in what we do.

I honestly just love helping people and have a personal belief in fitness when it comes to one’s happiness. It feels great being able to practice both of those daily with others.”

Experiencing the Effects of Chiropractic

As he’s always had a passion for physical health and fitness, Aaron was attracted to working in the healthcare field. He first came to Goodman Healthcare seeking treatment for his low back pain, and did a whole program of care here. In addition to being pleased with his results, Aaron also had a positive experience interacting with the doctors and staff. When the opportunity arose to work here, it was easy for Aaron to say yes!

Outside of Work

When he’s not working, Aaron loves spending time with his wife and young son. He also enjoys physical exercise, particularly going to the gym and spending time outdoors.

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